Data Analyst Senior Team Lead

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About the role:

As a Sr. Data Analyst on the team, you will build frameworks, proactively surface insights, and develop monitoring to guide and communicate our product and algorithm development. Working alongside data scientists, engineers, and product managers, you will make sure that data is properly instrumented, validated, analyzed, and presented in order to make data-informed decisions. Along with demonstrating technical and analytical skills, you will manage stakeholders to drive consensus. You also oversee the activities of the Satellite Data Analysts assigned to other divisions/teams (CX, Marketing, and OPS for this position), ensuring that they use appropriate analysis and tests.

Accountability and Objectives:

- Generate ideas for exploratory analysis to shape product and algorithm development

- Leverage data to perform intensive analysis across all areas of our marketplace to drive product development and business strategy

- Instrument events and develop metrics and dashboards to monitor our performance

- Contribute to experiment design and interpret the results to draw detailed and actionable conclusions

- Perform rigorous statistical analysis to understand the relationship between various marketplace factors that influence key outcomes

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams across disciplines such as product, engineering, operations, and marketing

- Present findings to senior management to drive product decisions

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Skills & Qualifications:

- PhD or Masters in Computer Science or related field with at least 2 years of relevant experience

- At least 1 year of experience as a team lead/supervisor or proven record of management of resources and teams

- Creative and critical thinking

- Strong leadership and communication skills

- Understanding of best practices in data cleaning, data mining, statistical inference, and scientific experiments

- Strong drive for excellence and Passion for personal and team development

- Proficiency with SQL

- Comfort with statistical concepts

- Laser-focused on the details, while keeping strategic priorities top-of-mind

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